This year (2020) has been the year of empty streets. God has reached out to this world in a powerful way through COVID-19. Unfortunately, many of us–even those who profess to be Christians–have overlooked this tremendous opportunity to learn more about Him. Instead, we grumble about our perceived losses of freedom, the need to wear masks, and the inconveniences of being locked down.

The picture above resonated with me. I enjoy the wisdom writings and these verses from the Song of Solomon spoke to me. Is it really true that we might search the empty streets, looking for God, and not find him? This picture resonates with loneliness.

God also told His people, “Come back to me.” He wants us as much as we want Him. But if we turn our backs and push Him away during good times, we might just find Him doing that to us in the bad times.

I’ve been thinking a lot serious thoughts in the past three weeks. I’ve lost several old friends to COVID, but that isn’t why. About three weeks ago I was told that I have an incurable form of liver cancer. I’ll enclosed a brief update from my visit to the cancer clinic this morning.

Here is a short report of my visit at the cancer clinic this morning. We need to answer one main question: Do we want to go on a treatment program for the cancer or not? Bear in mind that we aren’t talking about a cure, just a way of letting me live a little longer. The drug involved has a lengthy list of side effects–some of which are potentially lethal. When you add the fact that taking the drug makes you sick much of the time, you wonder whether it’s worth it for a bit of extra time.

I’m hoping to have enough writing time left to finish several writing projects I’m working on presently. I’m not sure which approach would give me the most time to put into it. I had a third project that I’ve been discussing with TGS that deals with the Will of God and how it relates to the free will God has given to man. I’d be grateful if God also gave me time to finish that one.

I would be glad for your prayers to help us make the proper choices. I’m also aware that God could easily heal me and give me another few years of writing time. But I’ve left that up to Him.

I haven’t kept up very well with this blog, and I wish I would have done better. But with circumstances the way they are, I’ll probably shut down over winter.

Blessings — Lester

Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, so that he may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your cares on him, because he cares about you. (1 Peter 5:6, 7)

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