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I finally bit the bullet and moved my domain to WordPress. Here I can put my blog and my website together and not need to maintain two separate sites. I’m not done yet. I need to move my entire portfolio to this site, which will take awhile.

If you have a suggestion for me, leave it in the contacts page and it will be emailed to me. That’s one page that I know works.

I was thinking recently of how many lost people there are in this world. And right alongside that, how many Christians there are who never talk with the lost people, or if they do, they never say anything about Christ and what He has done for them. How can we spark a revival in North America if we never talk to our neighbors about Christ?

I’m hoping that some of my writing will help with that. I have one book at the publishers that I hope will be on the market by the end of October. I’m working on another one that I hope to get finished by then and ready to send in as well. I’ll be placing more details in my portfolio pages on some of that, as well as listing some of the books I’ve written in the past.

Some of you have heard of God and Uncle Dale. I learned recently that Rod and Staff has sold approximately 12,000 copies of the English version of that book and is still averaging  about 450 copies a year. I often wondered what made that book take off like it did.

I guess it hit the right slot, and that had to be God’s timing.

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Free lance writer and editor. Author of a dozen books, husband of one wife, father of six, grandpa of ten.
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