Watch the sky…

For some reason, I’m intrigued by the sky. I take more pictures of the sky than of anything else. Let me show you a few… 

This is from our porch, over the back yard. And yes, we still live in town.


This one is just a shot across the prairies. I liked the cloud formations. I zoomed in a bit too much, but I like the colors in the sky.


Take a look at the blue in this sky (I didn’t doctor this at all). No clouds. This was taken at Writing on Stone park. Only possible in Alberta!


This one was back in Ontario. Storm of some sort coming up. This was right after they already had 7 inches of rain.


I don’t remember where I took this one. Here in the west somewhere.


This was in our back yard. This only happens once a year!


Back porch again…


And again. Note the frost on the trees.


Guess who thinks they own the road! This is south of Jasper.


And so is this.


One more. This was at the edge of Canmore, just off the Trans-Canada Highway.


I think almost all of these shots were taken with my iPhone 6 plus. I lost my camera, or at least someone did, so I’m doing all my pictures with my phone. I’ve got a Samsung S7 Edge now. It takes even better pictures.

Blessings. Enjoy God’s masterpieces where ever you are!


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  1. Gorgeous pictures!

  2. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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