A Disappointing Read…

I read a three-volume series of books over the weekend. They were marketed asChristian books and had an interesting plot outline, so I downloaded all three right away. But I was a bit disappointed in them. I thought I’d outline the reasons for my feeling in this blog post.


The author tried hard to place the books as solid Christian books, but her characters didn’t seem to cooperate with her. Christian boys eyed up the girls around them in a way that I would consider to be pretty close to lusting. This, apparently was acceptable. The girls, in turn, wore short shorts and tee shirts. So aside from some bible study and praying, the characters really weren’t that different from those of non-Christian books. I was disappointed, because I felt that some of them had real potential, but when they did seem to be showing signs of Christian growth because of what they read ipeople-2599314_1920n the Bible, the author nonchalantly had someone explain it away.

So the story had all of that, plus it had a semi-violent plot. Really, the books were just warmed over secular novels with a bit of Christianity mixed in. Yet the author ended up with an appeal for people to come to Christ.

In the Christian ministry I work for, we often hear from people who feel thamost Christians are just hypocritical. They are no different than the sinners around them. They use the same language, they commit the same sins. People are tired of Christians who aren’t Christlike. These books just add to the confusion by trying to justify that.


I found the theology of the books questionable. The author apparently doesn’t understand two kingdom theology. The books use Old Testament illustrations and quotes to justify disobeying New Testament teaching. This leads to the ironic situation of young people asking why it is right to fight back against evil doers and even kill them, when Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek, and then having their spiritual leaders come up with tired excuses to justify modern status quo Christianity.


The characters in the book were shallow, and proto-typed. They reacted very typically except once in a while they reacted very typically untypically, if you know what I mean. They just weren’t real.

I won’t identify the books, because I think the author is well-meaning and has good intentions. But I think they are also too worried about selling books.img_1423.jpg

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