Treading on High Places…

God, the Lord, is my strength;
he makes my feet like the deer’s;
he makes me tread on my high places.
Habakkuk 3:19


Just imagine the buck in the picture. He is on the highest rock in the wilderness. The wind is sweeping past him. Maybe there’s a hint of snow in the air. Above him the stars and the moon are shining. He is full of energy and in the prime of life. He has climbed to the high places for the sheer joy of being there!

What an invigorating scenario! Don’t you wish you could be like him? Just for once, leave the shackles of daily life behind and breath the fresh air of genuine freedom? Stand under the stars with the whole world at your feet? 

High places can be hard places to reach. In fact, as humans many of us spend our life time in low places. Once in a while we might wish we could reach the high places in life, but we never seem to get there. We plod through life, depressed at the very work of living. In fact us of us seem to believe that this is where God wants us to be. We might even have this secret belief that our hard times make us better than the people who radiate all that joy that we can’t seem to find.

But God wants to take us to high places. If we let Him, He will give us the strength to get there. Unfortunately we seem to think we need to get to the high places on our own and we don’t have the strength. In fact we might even be afraid to let Him take us to the high places because it might force us out of our comfort zone. We might get dizzy up there. And there might be dangers on the way that we can’t handle. So we continue to plod in the swamps and deserts of life, just because we’re afraid to let go.

Now I know that God sometimes takes us through dark places in life. They are important for us too. But mostly He takes us there to prepare us for the high places. He doesn’t intend for us to get mired down and stay there forever.

He wants us to rejoice in serving Him, not do it out of a sense of duty. He wants us to yearn for the fresh air, and the invigoration of standing, high and free, under the stars.

Shake of the sins that so easily drag us down. Shake off the drudgery of everyday life and rejoice in serving Him. You have the power of heaven available to you, to help you to climb. If you are a Christian, you are LOVED by the greatest of all bridegrooms. Meet Him in the high places.

Climb higher. And Higher. And even HIGHER!

“I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.” (Song 6:3)

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Free lance writer and editor. Author of a dozen books, husband of one wife, father of six, grandpa of ten.
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  1. I appreciate this. Thanks for sharing. He longs for us to walk in the sunshine of his presence. Why would we choose to slog along in the depressing lowlands with our head down? But too often I find myself there. It has to do with our belief. Will I believe Him? Will I honor Him by climbing to the highlands where he longs to meet me and walk with me?

  2. Thank you for that bit of encouragement. I needed that right now>

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