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Final Front Cover - WisdomI've published around ten books. But this is my first self-published book and I'm quite excited about it. I learned today that my complimentary copies are on the way. Hopefully I will be able to approve them and then they will go into production. 

They will be available in eBook and on paper from your favorite online retailer. Your local bookstore can also order it in for you. Or you can probably get it through me. Those details are still to be figured out.

How do I find meaning in life?

Most of us face this question sooner or later, no matter how popular, rich or successful we might be. Money can’t buy meaning in life. Education can’t teach it to you. Possessions don’t come with it. You can’t find it by getting married, nor by staying single. Losing weight doesn’t help, nor does meditation. Religion won’t fix the problem, nor will committing suicide.

But life isn’t hopeless or meaningless. You can find answers. Welcome to the book of Ecclesiastes.


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