It’s Here!

This morning the doorbell rang and a Purolator delivery man was standing on the porch with a package. I couldn’t think what it would be, but when I opened the package it contained ten complimentary copies of my latest book!

It doesn’t matter how many books you write, this is always an exciting moment. It will take a little bit of time until they hit the distribution channel, but they will  be available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and any local bookstore.

Where is God, when life doesn’t make sense? Have you lost your connection with Him? Have you never connected? Solomon lost his connection with God, and this is his story of trying to reconnect, as he wrote it in Ecclesiastes. But it is a relevant process for most of us, because it is human to get sidetracked by life.

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Free lance writer and editor. Author of a dozen books, husband of one wife, father of six, grandpa of ten.
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  1. Congratulations Lester! It looks and sounds like an interesting read. I love the book of Ecclesiastes.

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