In the Image of God

He has made everything beautiful in its time. 
 He has also set eternity in the human heart. (Ecc. 3:11)

Did you know that you are someone special? Humans are created in the image of God. We’ve probably all heard that. But have you stopped to think what it means?

Do you love beauty? How about a brilliant sunset with the Rocky Mountains silhouetted against it? About an hour or so east of Calgary, on the TransCanada Highway, is  a plateau that overlooks a ravine about a mile wide. In the distance you can see the Rockies. I came across there one evening on a clear day while the sun was setting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more beautiful than that fiery sunset behind those mountains.

In Ecclesiastes it says that God has put eternity in our hearts. The love for beauty, literature, and music is part of this. So is creativity, the ability to reason and to calculate and the ability to love, laugh, and weep. All of these qualities are part of the image of God in you.

Does God love beauty? Music? Laughter? Does God love? Does God weep?

When God created man and woman, He was looking for someone to fellowship with. Genesis speaks of God walking with Adam and Eve in the garden in the cool of the day. Just like friends would. God wanted us to be able to feel the emotions He feels, and to love what He loves. So He made us in His image.

I can’t imagine what that must have been like back there before the fall of man. Something within me aches to experience that. I can’t understand why Adam and Eve gave that up for the illusion of being like God.

They were already like God. They had everything. And they gave it up. I wonder if that was one time that God wept?

Today the image of God in us has been marred and scarred by sin. It’s no longer the same. To be a Christian is as close as you can get, but even that is only a shadow of what God made us capable of. Ecclesiastes also says that He put limits on the eternity in our hearts. That limit is the result of sin. It holds us back. Sometimes I feel like bursting. I have something inside of me I would like to say, or write. But I can’t. I run up against a wall. It’s what I have to live with because God’s image within me has been scarred by sin.

But someday; maybe even someday soon, we’ll get it back in all its glory. God is going to reach down and call us home. And we’ll get back His image in all of its untarnished glory. Oh the songs we’ll sing! The stories we’ll tell! The hallelujahs we’ll shout! Please join me on that sea of glass before the throne. We can cast our crowns before Him together.

An eternity of living in the image of God and being His friend. Imagine that if you can.

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Free lance writer and editor. Author of a dozen books, husband of one wife, father of six, grandpa of ten.
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  1. Thanks Lester.

    Part of the beauty of being created in the image of God is that it is true of man and woman (Gen 1:27). The caring nurturing side of God is seen in our mothers. While the loving authority of God is (should be!) seen in us fathers. We’re told the male/female fact of life is hard to explain by the evolutionist. (What are the chances of both evolving at exactly the same time to propagate?) Man and woman are created so different in many ways. Yet we both bear the image of God.

    There was a lot lost in the garden. I like the thought of God weeping there.


  2. Beautiful picture.
    This touched close to home.
    God bless!

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