Good Friday Thoughts

I’m all alone here this morning. My wife and our daughters and granddaughters went for breakfast together. So I was doing some thinking, and I’ll try to share some of those thoughts.

I’ve noticed that even some Christians tend to lose sight of the meaning of Good Friday. Like Christmas, they just brush it aside as being pagan in origin. Now, I suppose that Easter was first put in place on a pagan holiday to help pagans forget what they used to celebrate on that day. That doesn’t really bother me. What bothers me is the debates and the arguments about the day.

Thank You JesusThe origin of the day isn’t the only reason some people won’t commemorate Good Friday. For instance, I have a friend who is all into the idea that Jesus was crucified on a Thursday, instead of a Friday. In fact, I know of at least one entire book that was written to “prove” that. And I know of at least one church that won’t have Good Friday services today because of this “fact”.

So what? Can’t we for once lay aside the theological arguments and simply think about what the day should mean to us?

Today is the day that our governments have set aside to commemorate the death of Christ. I think that if we actually stop to think about that, and what it cost Jesus, and the pain He went through for ME, it will help. Satan loves to divert our thoughts into theology instead of reality. He loves to have us over react and brush aside what Jesus did for us.

I remember vividly the time that it dawned on me that Jesus died for my sins. I knew that from childhood, of course. But I mean the time that it hit me with all its reality.

Did you ever stop to think that every sin you have ever committed added to the burden He carried that day?

I haven’t checked that thought for theological correctness. All I know is that when this finally sank in, I had to say “thank you” to Jesus. And, “I’m sorry…”

Too often we don’t stop to think of what Jesus did for ME, in personal terms.

Why not put aside some time this weekend to think of what Jesus’ death and resurrection means for you? A bit of introspection is good for the soul.

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  1. I can really relate to your writings on how Satan likes to distract us from the reality of what Christ did for us. I’ve found myself currently frustrated on some of the debates I hear among Christians (some of which I am totally guilty of participating in myself). Sometimes I think our pride takes a hold of us and we just want to be “right.” We want to be the “correct” Christians, or the “holiest” Christians. Ironically, this is just pushing us further away from Christ. Great article to re-direct our hearts and minds!

  2. I love this! It is what we all need to hear – even Christians. We went to a Good Friday service last night at our church and it was better attended than an average Sunday! Such a precious time remembering just how Jesus suffered and died, bearing my sins and making me clean in God’s sight! Thank You, thank You!

  3. Really good, Lester! Some of my sentiments also.

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