Using an Outline Template in MS Word

Using Heading Styles in Word

To get the biggest benefit from all this, you need to turn on your Navigation pane in Word. Click on the view tab and make sure it is turned on, as in the screen shot.




When you have done this, the navigation pane will show up on the left part of the document window. Click on headings to show your outline. I find this a very handy way to navigate through a longer document. You can also right click on a heading and promote or demote it, or drag and drop it somewhere else.

If you click on the Home tab in your Word ribbon, you will see the styles, somewhat like above. You can then type in a number of headings and points using the normal style, then sort them by highlighting and applying heading styles. If this entirely new to you, find some YouTube videos that show you how to use styles. In my opinion styles are one of the most powerful features in Word, and you need to know how to use them. You will save a lot of time in formatting when doing longer documents.

Word’s Templates

This is what my outline looked like when I finished it. You can download this document by clicking HERE

You can download this file and play around with it. Or you can download this template and use it to build your own outlines.

This is a very cursory treatment of an important subject. I know that this doesn’t fit at all into some people’s way of working. But with some time it can become second nature to you.

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