A Parable

To understand this parable, you need to remember that the Christians of the first centuries considered the pagan gods to be demons. We don’t think of them in those terms, but they might have been closer to right than we are.

The pagan gods of Rome were a hedonistic lot. They murdered each other, committed adultery, and had vast celestial parties where debauchery ruled the day. In fact, the gods of Rome were a lot like the men they ruled over.

You couldn’t expect a Roman god to pay attention to a human being unless you were a fair damsel and that god was lusting after you. (Then you better look out.) Roman gods had no feelings of love or mercy towards humans. They didn’t even pay any attention to humans unless they rebelled against their authority.

But, should another god show up and claim to offer something better to the humans who worshiped him, then the gods in the heavenly pantheon woke up. That was an insult that could NOT be allowed. A new god? No sir, the upstart had to go. The sooner the better.

So, they would gang up on him and the people who served him.

But what the Roman gods didn’t realize was that the new god in this case wasn’t new, nor an upstart. He had been around a long time before they existed. He had created humans, and He loved them. He knew that the unfortunate people who followed the demon gods in the pantheon were doomed to eternal destruction. And he decided to do something about it. Actually, He had been planning this for a long time, back from the very beginning.

But when God sent His son to earth to introduce Himself to men, the pantheon jumped him and killed him. Then they went back to their parties.

But it didn’t end there. God’s son wouldn’t stay dead. So, the pantheon attacked his followers. But death wouldn’t kill them either. The more people who died, the more new converts came along.

It didn’t make sense. But it did. If a God comes along who loves humans, and who is willing to die for them in order to rescue them, people are going to take note. And when his followers are willing to die as well, then they REALLY take note.

Turn the page and read on to see how it works in real life

This is the introduction to my newest book.

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