Lydia’s First Glimpse of Heaven

For the living, Death is a gigantic leap into the unknown. The Bible describes it as our last enemy. People seldom face Death without some misgivings. But for the Christian martyr Death is also a release from the torture they are facing. It is their doorway to glory. As their pain fades away and they enter eternity, everything changes…


It was like gazing into the sun, only more so. Lydia had never seen so much light. It almost knocked her over. Yet it didn’t hurt her eyes like she would have expected. Instead, as her eyes adjusted, she started to see people.


As their features became clearer, she saw a few people she had known while on earth. But they had changed. They were almost… transparent? No that wasn’t the word. They had form and features. Yet she could see through them? She couldn’t put it into words, and she was too bewildered to try.

But she sensed clearly that she was welcome, that they had been waiting for her. In fact, she realized that she had come home. She belonged here in a way that she had never belonged on earth. Everyone was smiling, waving, reaching out hands to her in welcome.

Then she realized that she wasn’t alone. Irene was close beside her. And others were joining them, blinking their eyes as the light hit them. Fresh from the trauma of the flames, the group clung together at first. But the human need for security drained away as they gradually acclimatized to their new surroundings.


Lydia’s second impression was the sound. The cheers mixed with vibrant music in a beautiful chaos of harmony. Some were crying out in welcome, some were singing, some were dancing. The sheer exuberance of the welcome was overwhelming.


But Lydia’s strongest impression was the love the seemed to flood from every nook and cranny. Back on earth a large crowd had gathered to enjoy the spectacle of twenty people being burned in one large fire. The spectators were filled with hatred. They would have torn them limb from limb but for the soldiers surrounding them. The contrast couldn’t have been greater between the hatred they had faced an hour ago and the boundless love welcoming them here.

Lydia would have cried. But she was too happy to cry.

The contrasts between time and eternity are so overwhelming that an entire book wouldn’t cover it. It was no wonder that it took the martyrs some time to catch their breath and orient to their new surroundings. And this was only the beginning…

Perhaps the most difficult part of stepping into eternity is learning how to handle living in a state with no past, and no future. The earthly barrier of “now” that stands between the past and the future on earth will be inexplicably expanded in eternity. All three elements of time will be blended together in an incomprehensible state of utter timelessness.

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