Facing a New Year


Many things about tomorrow,
I don’t seem to understand,
But I know who holds tomorrow,
And I know who holds my hand.

The beginning of a new year tends to make you stop and evaluate where you have been and where you are going. Self-evaluation is a good exercise. It can also be a troublesome or discouraging one.

For instance, am I walking closer to God than I did a year ago? Am I more victorious over temptation than I was a year ago? Am I putting my heart into the Kingdom of God like I did a year ago? Is my love for my fellowman growing or diminishing?  

I suspect that most of us feel we fell short in these areas last year. But what are we going to do about it? Write up a list of resolutions which will fall by the wayside during the next month or so? I’ve been there and done that. I know one or two people with enough self-discipline and determination to make a change in their lives if they decide to. But that is not true for most of us, and we may as well admit it. I will not become a better person this year than I was last year without some help.

That help may come from my brothers and sisters. I am not discrediting that because we all need that kind of help. But I’m troubled with our increased dependence on accountability groups and counselling centers. In the long run, human helps will only help us if we have allowed God’s grace to operate in our lives. Ephesians 2:4-10 is a wonderful passage that should be precious to every Christian. But unfortunately, so many people stop reading at the end of verse 9. According to verse 10, grace turns us into a new creation. We become God’s workmanship not our own.

This doesn’t happen overnight. All of us need to continue to grow. But that growth will only come as we allow God’s grace to work in us. Our victory and our spiritual development are intrinsically linked to the closeness of our relationship with God. This coming year will be one long progression of tomorrows. At this point we have no idea what those tomorrows hold for us. But if we walk with God today, we can leave tomorrow in His hands. At the end of 2020, we can look back and say, “I have walked with God this year.”

He holds tomorrow in His control. He holds this year in His hands. I can face this year with the power of His grace, because I know He holds my hand. If I fall, He will help me up. If I lose my way, He will guide me back to the right path. If I face grief, He will comfort me. If I find new victories, He will rejoice with me.

He holds tomorrow because He holds my hand today.

—Lester Bauman

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Free lance writer and editor. Author of a dozen books, husband of one wife, father of six, grandpa of ten.
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