Many people stumble ... over the question of suffering and evil. They ask, “Why would a good God allow such bad things?” They assume that this question forces us to accept that either God isn’t good, or He isn’t God.

Should I self-publish?

NOTE: I recently got an email asking about my experience self-publishing with a certain publisher. I think most points are applicable for most self-publish services. This post is not promoting or denigrating any particular publisher. Advantages... A publisher will provide stability to a project, too often missing in self-published books. They provide some editorial and... Continue Reading →

This is Tuesday?

I’m not sure why, but mornings have always been a bit of a trial for me. I remember our principal at Bible School telling us that the Christian can bounce out of bed in the morning quoting the verse above and looking forward to another day. But that hasn’t been my experience. So this post is very much aimed at me.

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