Are You a Lonely Writer?


If you’re a writer, you understand how the tree in the picture feels. Some of the best things in life force you to stand alone. And standing alone makes you strong. It gives you room to grow. It gives you a broad horizon to contemplate.

Maybe the following has happened to you. If not, it probably will, if you’re a writer.

home-office-336377_1920Other Person: What you do for a job?
You: I’m a writer.
Other Person: [gulps] Umm. Really? What do you write?
You: Books. Essays. Stories. Web content. They call me a “content creator.”
Other Person: Wow. [stutters] Well it was nice meeting you.

Writing is meaningful. It teaches you to think. In fact, if you do it properly, it teaches you to think deeply. You hear a story and you think about writing it down. You stumble across a Bible verse and you think about turning it into an essay. You read a book and you wish you would have thought of that idea. 

Writers walk in the midst of stories. Life is full of them. Some are sad, some are happy. Some seem common place. But all of them are real, because the actors in them are real people, with real joys and sorrows. Real problems and pleasures. Real destinies.

Writing teaches you to care. Most authors will tell you that they have shed tears over a character in trouble. The people we write about become our friends (or our enemies). They become real to us. In fact they may take on a life of their own and force you to change your outline. 

Take a moment and look at these pictures. Think of the stories behind them.

Your friends or fellow church members may not understand you. They may be a bit embarrassed at you. Maybe they don’t know how to relate to you. Talk about their interests and work them into your next book! 

If you’re a writer, you need to learn to understand people. That too may scare your friends a bit. But your stories need real people, even if they are fiction. So learn to understand, to sympathize, and draw word pictures where people can see themselves.

Stand alone if you have to! It didn’t harm the tree in the picture above to stand alone. It’s very loneliness brings it closer to God, It will do the same for you.

Beautiful words stir my heart… my tongue is like the pen of a skillful poet.
(see Psa 45:1 NLT)



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