Thy Word is Truth

This book examines the inspiration and formation of the Bible. It includes study questions for group use, and will give you a good introduction to the basic facts about the Bible. 

This is a summary of the original project which has never been published.

The Epistles of John

These epistles are probably among the latest written books of the New Testament. They were probably written in Ephesus, close to the end of the first century. John was an old man by now. He had followed Jesus when he was probably just a teenager, and had served his Master for all these years. 

These books bring out an important perspective of Christ and the Church.

The Gospel of John

Here is the other side of Luke’s story about Jesus. John walked and talked with Jesus for three years, and he focuses on His teachings in this gospel. To get the complete story, you need to read this book alongside Luke’s gospel. 

About a quarter of John’s gospel takes place in the last week of Jesus’ life, and he includes scenes that the other gospels omit. 

The True Christian

The Sermon on the Mount is sometimes called the Magna Carta of the New Testament. The Sermon has been one of the best known passages in the New Testament for a long time. Unfortunately, its message is also often ignored.

This book is intended to bring out the practical side of this passage. It includes word pictures to help you understand how these teachings could be applied.

This was the first book I ever wrote.

God and Uncle Dale

It was 1960 and all across North America things were changing. The Beatles were getting ready for a blockbuster decade. Elvis Presley had been released from the army and was preparing to take the music world by storm. John F Kennedy had introduced his New Frontier. And the Church was in an upheaval of change.

Probably all of this was beyond the radar, for Dale, the main character of this story. He was young and life was good. But things would soon change for him too….