Why God, Why?

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Understanding God when He doesn’t seem to understand you

God, I have so many questions. So many things I don’t understand.

  • God, you promised me a Christian husband and family, but I’m getting too old.
  • God, you gave me the desire to be an engineer but haven’t given me the money I need to go to university.
  • God, why did you let my mother die after I claimed your power to heal her?
  • God, I’ve prayed and prayed but you still haven’t given me the money I need to pay my gambling debts.
  • God, I prayed but you didn’t answer. In fact, I’ve prayed for years, but you just ignore me.
  • God, why did my innocent little girl have to die? Why did you allow someone to kidnap her and rape her?
  • God, my baby is sick and needs an operation. Are you punishing him because of my sins?

The seed for this book came from questions like this written by people like you. I have struggled along with many of you, trying to answer that question: “Why Lord?” Understanding God’s answers, or lack of answers, can be hard.

In this book, I’ve tried to cast some light on this. It’s just a little bit of light because in many ways God is beyond my understanding.  Yet God doesn’t want you to wallow in a slough of despair. If you are drowning in the mud of doubt and misery, I hope this book will give you a glimpse of something better. And help you to understand God better.

AD 284: Countdown

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A Time of Testing

Mark had heard stories about the persecutions of the past. But all he had ever known was peace, and in his youthful innocence, he didn’t realize how quickly this could change.

In AD 284, Diocletian was crowned emperor of Rome. Almost two decades later, just as Mark was starting up his own home, Diocletian set loose the demons of hell on the Church. The persecution lasted less than a decade, but it was the worst that Christians had ever experienced. And Mark and his wife Lydia were caught right in the middle.

They had a choice. They could give up their faith and live. Maybe even prosper.

Or they could stand firm. And die…

The Century of Crisis: How did the Christian church go from being a persecuted church to being a persecuting church within a century? This is the first of four books in this series, and tells the story of Christians living under the rule of Diocletian. The second book tells the story of Christians under the rule of Constantine. The third book takes a look at Christians under Julian (the apostate), and the fourth book will look at them becoming the state church under Theodosius.

The Matthew Challenge

Who is Jesus?

No one is better qualified to answer that question than someone who lived and walked with Jesus while he was on earth. Matthew, one of Jesus’ disciples, was such a man.

Matthew helped eat the loaves and fish when Jesus fed the 5,000 men who gathered with their wives and children on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. He was along that night when Jesus came walking on the water to meet the disciples in the middle of the sea. He was also along when Jesus calmed the storm that threatened to sink their little fishing boat. These were happenings no man could forget, no matter how long he lived.

Jesus took every opportunity He could to teach his disciples about His Father and the kingdom of heaven. He pulled simple lessons from nature as they walked the pathways of rural Galilee and Judea. Birds, flowers, farmers, and fishermen all be illustrations He used in His teaching–a teaching so profound it changed the world.

So who is Jesus? Take the “Matthew challenge,” reading a chapter a day, to help answer this question. This book includes the complete text of the Gospel of Matthew, as well as thoughts and questions to guide you into understanding who Jesus really is.




Searching for Meaning

Where has God gone, when life no longer makes sense?

Can you find meaning in life through intellectual pursuits?

Solomon couldn’t.

Can you find meaning in life through pleasure? Through luxury? Through sensuality? Through work? Through beauty?

Solomon couldn’t.

Nor can you. But you can find meaning in life. That is what this book is all about.

This book may not answer all your questions, but it will give you a foundation to work from when you face questions in life. It will show you how the wisest man who ever lived faced them. And what he finally discovered about God.

Walk with Solomon as he looks for meaning in life…

Thy Word is Truth

This book examines the inspiration and formation of the Bible. It includes study questions for group use, and will give you a good introduction to the basic facts about the Bible. 

This is a summary of the original project which has never been published.

The Epistles of John

These epistles are probably among the latest written books of the New Testament. They were probably written in Ephesus, close to the end of the first century. John was an old man by now. He had followed Jesus when he was probably just a teenager, and had served his Master for all these years. 

These books bring out an important perspective of Christ and the Church.

The Gospel of John

Here is the other side of Luke’s story about Jesus. John walked and talked with Jesus for three years, and he focuses on His teachings in this gospel. To get the complete story, you need to read this book alongside Luke’s gospel. 

About a quarter of John’s gospel takes place in the last week of Jesus’ life, and he includes scenes that the other gospels omit.