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AD 284: Countdown to Darkness

* Meet Diocletion, Rome’s latest emperor. He is best known for instigating the church’s worst persecution.
*Meet Mark, a young man who grew up in Nicomedia and eventually became a Presbyter in one of city’s Christian groups
*Meet Lydia. She was a childhood friend of Mark’s and ended up marrying him.
*And finally, meet Andrew and Irene, Mark’s parents.

Diocletian had big plans to improve the Roman Emperor. Especially, he wanted to reunite the Roman population under the auspices of the traditional pagan Gods. This led to the biggest persecution the Christian church faced under Roman rule. 

In the meantime, Mark battles to hold the local church together despite the pressure of persecution. Stand with him in a rowdy crowd that cheers as his wife and mother die in the flames with a group of twenty Christians. 

Mark’s father betrays him, and Lydia, and Irene. Will he find a way to betray Mark as well?

Stage: This book is in editorial and is scheduled for release in late spring of 2020. Will be available for purchase from TGS International.

Image of Diocletian: By G.dallorto – Own work, Attribution, Link

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