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Sylvester’s Journal


  • Imagine 1870 in a Mennonite community in Pennsylvania.
  • Then imagine a father who was living a double life.
  • Also imagine that the father kept a journal for some unknown reason and wrote down the details of his life.
  • Finally, imagine that he died suddenly and didn’t get the chance to destroy the journal and his son found it. 

Then what? 

Imagine Sylvester’s Journal


  • Meet Sylvester, who had an urge to keep a journal but never thought of what might happen if someone found it.Meet his wife Naomi, who knew something was wrong but didn’t know what, until she read the journal after his death.
  • Meet Andrew, his only son, who always struggled with getting along with his father. Finding the journal doesn’t help him to forgive his father. 
  • And finally, meet Selina, Andrew’s wife, the key to helping the family heal after the devastation of discovering the journal.

Stage: Accepted by TGS Publishers  

Will be available for purchase from TGS International spring or summer of 2019.


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