The Girl Behind the Red Rope

Ted Dekker

Rachelle Dekker

The author of this book is Ted Dekker. It is co-authored by his daughter Rachelle, who apparently thinks a lot like Ted does.

I’ve read a number of Ted Dekker’s books. To understand them, you must realize that not all will be as it appears at first glance. Ted is a theologian by training, and he buries theological propositions in his books. They are often buried deeply and unless you know where he might be going it will take you most of the book to figure it out. He has some good ideas, though I think he over reacts to his past church or home experience.

Ted has a habit of personifying spiritual characteristics as physical ones. For instance in his Books of History series, sinners show their sinful nature by a skin disease. People drown in a red lake to be converted and healed of their skin disease. It seems weird at first, but you get used to it once you understand it.

In this case the people are more realistic, to a point anyway. It is the story of a small, radical congregation. A prophetess who also happens to be their minister’s wife, learns that the final appocalypse of judgment against evil will come in three years. They are warned to move into a remote valley where they will escape in order to repopulate the earth. But this will only happen if they remain pure. Absolutely pure. No sin. No sinful thoughts. No appearance of sin even. The prophetess and her husband are quite paranoid and the list of things that threaten purity get very long and difficult to maintain.

They are very good people, and very sincere. But they are stuck in their little valley for over ten years, and the time starts to get long, and the pressures rise. The punishments get worse as time goes on because they HAVE to maintain their purity or they will all be eternally lost.

Finally the pressure gets so great that the prophetess needs to order a whipping. And then an execution. And then another. Could God’s people stoop that low? Could you? Even if it seemed that your soul and the souls of your family and friends would be lost if you didn’t?

You will be surprised at some of the things in this book. What, or who, are the Fury that threaten the entire population of earth? You’ll be shocked at what they might teach you. Who controls the Fury? (That’s not a typo–Fury is a plural form of Fury, even as moose is the plural form of moose).

You will also come away with some healthy qualms about ever joining a cult which might save your life someday.

But that’s enough for now. Read the book and tell me what you think!