Lester Bauman has written an excellent book, God and Uncle Dale, which I often recommend when I speak publicly. The book ably makes the point that an active relationship with God matters most when sorting out life’s issues, especially during a season of church decline. God and Uncle Dale is a page-turner…

Chester Weaver

Lester Bauman’s stories have been an encouragement to many, and his doctrinal writing has safely guided those seeking truth. He is able to “speak the truth in love” even in situations where people’s minds are already made up. It has been his zeal for some time to serve the Lord, the church, and seeking souls… Continue Reading →

Dallas Witmer

Lester has demonstrated a willingness to care for others and help them toward wholeness in Jesus. This same thoughtfulness and care enable him to write with compassion and insight. 

John Coblentz

Lester is a deep thinker and is willing to look at issues with an open mind and then clearly state his opinion.

Steve Martin


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