The Bible’s WORST Bargains…

Chapter Headings…

Esau: The Cost of Living for Today

Jacob: The Cost of Living for Self

Joseph’s Brothers: The Cost of Lost Brotherhood

Balaam: The Cost of Seeking Popularity

Achan: The Cost of Covetousness

Micah’s Idol: The Cost of Ignorance

Naaman and Gehazi: The Cost of Deviousness [PREVIEW]

The Prodigal Son: The Cost of High Living

Simon, the Sorcerer: The Cost of Seeking Power and Prestige

Ananias and Sapphira: The Cost of Hypocrisy

Onesimus: The Cost of Restitution

Judas Iscariot: The Cost of Selling Your Soul

BAD NEWS: [for me anyway]. The publisher has officially cancelled this project. The reviewers felt these accounts add too much detail to the Bible accounts. We are still discussing what to do with it.

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